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What do I offer you?

Well-being, Change, Growth  

Personal individual sessions, where I help and support you in your process of change, self-awareness and transformation using integrative techniques. With these well-being tools I help you to grow, to reconnect, to discover your true potential and the best within you!


The sessions are for anyone who wants to achieve an objective however, something is holding them back. Someone who wants to improve their communication skills. Anyone who feels the same experiences keep repeating in their life and they want to change their behaviour and attitude.

What do I offer
What will I gain
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What can you achieve 

from the sessions?

  • Develop and optimise your abilities and personal resources and put them into action to achieve your objective.

  • Gain more self-confidence to execute the changes you want in your life and maximise your full personal and professional potential.

  • Change your thought patterns from limiting and negative to more empowering ones.

  • Learn to communicate more effectively on a personal and professional level and have healthier relationships.

  • Learn to resolve internal conflicts with others and yourself and gain different perspectives.

  • Build your self-awareness and improve your self-esteem.

Banana Leaves

" You are the artist of your own life.

Don't give the paintbrush to anyone else. " 

Tools & Techniques

Tools & Techniques 

Some of the tools I can support you with are: Coaching, EFT tapping, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Bach Flowers. All are gentle and powerful at the same time. Depending on the person’s request we will use one tool or another and sometimes combine a few. 


All the techniques fall under the area of ​​personal growth, and they don’t replace, in any situation, the work of professional medical health care.


The sessions are private and confidential, where we work on your objective at your pace and your time. They can be in English or Spanish, face-to-face in Ceuta (Spain) or online worldwide, and they take about an hour.


Contact me if you are interested in trying a session, want to collaborate or require any further information. Remember, the first session is free without further obligation.

Rock Balancing


Coaching is a creative method to support your process of change and transformation, with the aim of inspiring you to maximise your full potential and achieving your goals. It helps you identify the obstacles that are holding you back, come up with strategies to overcome each obstacle and achieve long-lasting change. Coaching supports you at every level in becoming who you want to be.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, is a gentle tool which helps you to manage your emotions. It allows you to approach intense emotional issues with a lot of emotional baggage in a friendly manner and release the discomfort. All while respecting your privacy, since it is not necessary to know the event that triggered the discomfort.


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of tools and techniques, which helps you to get to know yourself better, to make changes and acquire communication skills. It’s the ability to understand and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and resolve conflicts.

bach flowerS

Bach flowers, or also known

as Bach flower remedies, are a series of natural flower essences which help you to balance your emotional state. It helps you to connect the emotions to the mind body soul. They are completely natural and have no side effects.

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