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Nisha Chabaldas


Welcome to my website, a comfortable and cosy space where I share my experiences about personal growth, self-awareness and well-being.


I help and support people in their process of change and journey using integrative techniques. Well-being tools which help us to develop our capabilities, to grow, reconnect and learn to be a better version of ourselves. 

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“Change is the essence of life.

Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

About me

About me

Hi there! I’m Nisha, a Spaniard who lived in the UK for 16 years, however my family is originally from India.


After working in the marketing services and business industry for 18 years, my life took a turn and, I decided to follow my passion and work in the area of personal growth and development and well-being. This is a space where I keep growing and exploring. As one says, there’s never an end to learning! 

What do I offer?
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What do I offer you?

Well-being, Change, Growth

Personal individual sessions where I support you in your process of change, self-awareness and transformation using integrative techniques like Coaching, EFT tapping, NLP.


I help you, with these well-being tools, to develop and empower your abilities and personal resources, to make the changes you want within you, to communicate more effectively, to improve your self-confidence and achieve your objectives. I help you to grow, to reconnect, to discover your true potential and the best in you!

The sessions are private and confidential, where we work on your objective at your pace and your time. It’s a time dedicated only for you, all about you and your well-being! I’m there to listen and support you throughout the process.


I do sessions in English or Spanish, face-to-face in Ceuta (Spain) or online worldwide and they take about an hour. Try a free session with no further commitments.


I started my personal sessions with Nisha last September and I am so happy I discovered it. I have a busy and hectic schedule and is really important for me to prioritise myself and my wellbeing. After each session I feel lighter and happier! I really like and appreciate that Nisha can change and adapt the session depending on my needs on that day. For example: she helped me to find resources to pass many interview stages and get my dream job. Helped me to manage anger and frustration on my day-to-day family life. Manage to reduce body pain and improve sleep quality. I’m really excited to see what this year might bring and again Nisha is helping me identify areas to work on. I highly recommend the sessions.

Anamaria Gheorghe – Project Manager

London, UK


Thanks for submitting your request!

 +34 654 71 75 96

Thank You! 

Thank You! 

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